Rafaela Pandolfini
The Slogans Have Failed Us

Rafaela Pandolfini, ‘The Slogans Have Failed Us’, 2020, painting by Rozsa Pandolfini Kirkwood and font design by Mitch Brown. Image courtesy of artist.
“I told you. It’s a koala. They are almost extinct, that’s why I drew it.”
- Rozsa Pandolfini Kirkwood

Rafaela Pandolfini is a photographer and artist, also working in the curatorial. Rafaela explores feminine identity in the broadest sense as well as the value of labour. From 2009 onwards Rafaela spent time photographing in clubs/dancefloors across Sydney, she continues to photograph for many prominent artists and institutions. In 2015, Rafaela created an epic 8 hour video called '02-02 A dance for every day of my pregnancy' exploring themes of the performative body, maintenance and care work.