Janaleen Wolfe and Katie West

Janaleen Wolfe on welcoming

If you notice someone enter, greet them with a whistle or a hum…

(Adaptation of a Pauline Oliveros meditation)

Katie West

Score for Fayen, from Katie


Hold bundle
Follow fabric ridges as they fold, crease, encase
Follow fabric ridges to find an opening
Loosen and roll
fabric and object
Hold fabric
Hold object
Hold them with care like family heirlooms
Keep in mind, fabric and object may be bundled again


Place object upon fabric
Guide and nestle fabric, along and around the object
Fold, nestle and roll fabric and object together
Mind edges
Mind weight
Shift subtly, subtly secure
Keep in mind, this bundle may be unbundled again

Janaleen Wolfe is an actress based in Sydney who creates character and sound performances drawing on voice and imagination.

Katie West is a Perth-based artist and Yindjibarndi woman who has lived her life in Noongar Yued and Noongar Whadjuk countries. West describes herself as a multidisciplinary artist situated in the social sciences. Her practice is shaped by her family history, studies in sociology and work experience in the area of Indigenous health.