Shareeka Helaluddin
It is only through dreaming I have found the divine

It is only through dreaming I have found the divine

that is,

It is only through dreaming I have truly been able to be heard and speak to you

Paradise right now feels like something unattainable:

rest, dreaming, peace and solace

This piece was written in dedication to and about my Amachi. She was a weaver of dreams and ancestors' voices, a
threader of jasmine garlands, and a reader of vedic cosmologies.

It is only in my dreams that I have been able to speak to her, feverish sounds only audible in my subconscious

I hope when this finds you, you are able to feel held and at ease

This is a dream scape - a way of using sound to create a temporal and spatial feeling of subconsciousness. It was the only way I felt like I could encompass the feeling of experiencing profound loss, and looking towards other ways of communication, grief and spirit I have been gifted beyond the material world. It’s something that came from a place of wanting to feel love and grief beyond the confines of language, and from a place of fatigue. I hope this can be heard in an intimate or shared context, and one that I hope lulls you to a place of reflection, rest or sleep.

Shareeka Helaluddin is an experimental artist, radio producer and community facilitator; currently working on unceded Gadigal Country. Creating under the pseudonym akka, her sound practice explores temporality, drone, dissonance, memory, ritual and a pursuit of deeper listening. Her work is often grounded in notions of healing and reciprocity, attempting to use soundscapes as a place to find connection.