Anna Louise Richardson and Theia Connell
Interview series – The diary of birds

'Augury – The diary of birds' is a collection of writing and recorded conversations that describe experiences of preternatural communication with the natural world. These stories delve into those moments when contiguous worlds overlap, and the trauma of loss reconnects us to the world outside in new and unexpected ways.

This conversation between Anna Louise Richardson and Theia Connell is part of an interview series accompanying the collaborative exhibition 'Watching', by Anna and her husband Abdul-Rahman Abdullah at West Space.

Anna Louise Richardson is an artist and freelance curator investigating rural Australian identity and associated mythologies. Richardson works primarily in charcoal and graphite on cement fibreboard, using a realistic approach, flattened perspective, cut-out shapes and manipulated scale to amplify the subject matter. The complexities of human relationships with the natural world and the intergenerational qualities of these relationships are driving themes throughout her practice.

Theia Connell is an artist, curator and producer of contemporary art projects based in nipaluna/Hobart. She is currently a Senior Producer at West Space, a member of the Artistic Directorate at Next Wave, and sits on the board of CONSTANCE ARI and Contemporary Art Tasmania. As Co-founder and Director of Visual Bulk, an experimental art space and community project in nipaluna/Hobart from 2015-19 and again from 2021-22, Theia has supported emerging arts practices locally through a DIY artist-led agenda.