Rent-free for Artists 2015
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West Space Program


BuffaloDeer (Screenshot), 2016. Image courtesy of the artist and Ngoc Cu Nguyen.

James Nguyen


Let’s sit down and talk. Let’s force a conversation about race. Let’s take turns to record, and face each other. Let’s improvise to see how this plays out. Let’s also make scarecrows to keep the Buffalo and Deer off our property… My representations of the…

19th Aug 2016 – 17th Sep 2016
Isabelle Sully

Isabelle Sully

Guest Book

In an inner city gallery an exhibition called Guest Book is staged. It includes the work of three prominent artists, a reproduction of a work perhaps unreachable, and a scattering of ephemera to complete the puzzle. It seems that an interest in criticism is present…

19th Aug 2016 – 17th Sep 2016
there’s this / and then there’s this (google screen cap)

Kalinda Vary

ubiquitous/anyone : a love letter

There’s the wall. There’s art on every side of the wall. Where are you? What are you looking at > it is easier to be the spectator than the actor…. I hate the wall, I want to tear it down. My friends and I carefully…

19th Aug 2016 – 17th Sep 2016
Image courtesy of Christo Crocker

Clementine Edwards

A big pile of rubbish with rats crawling on it

If the wind blows on these works, they may tip. A ticket stub, an egg cup, a jasmine flower. Four small map pins cling to table. Two pink combs are clasped in wretched hands. This is a show about sexual assault. It materialises and memorialises…

19th Aug 2016 – 17th Sep 2016