Rent-free for Artists 2015
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West Space Program



Christopher L G Hill

wall, wall, wall, nothing but wall, no entertainment, just wall

A discussion about poetry as long form poem. Taking the form of a number of emails with George Egerton Warburton and Aurelia Guo, some poems printed on A4 paper, conversations, problems and objects. no, no horses dragging pretense in social forums, like poor poems in…

14th Jul 2016 – 13th Aug 2016
sean kerr (1)

Sean Kerr

One thing after another

One thing after another exploits the uncertain terrain of DIY electronics, activating objects with sound, video, computer programming, audience and the unconventional. By playfully intertwining these processes, methods and systems within an art context, it opens up the unorthodox use of the found object fused…

14th Jul 2016 – 13th Aug 2016

Chris Mason / A.L. Steiner & A.K. Burns

Summer on the blue seat

Summer on the blue seat presents sculptures by Chris Mason in dialogue with the video work Community Action Center 2010 by A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner, as a way to open up questions of the politics and representation of erotic desire. Chris Mason (b. 1976)…

14th Jul 2016 – 13th Aug 2016
fionamacdonald_sketch for Opening Act

Fiona Macdonald

Opening Act, 2016

Opening Act, 2016 is an exhibition in two incomplete parts: a deconstructed film, a badly performed score, an overture to an inconclusive performance. Anticipation and disappointment score and celebrate each part: exhibition space and discursive space laminate in a form of temporal drag. Part 1…

14th Jul 2016 – 13th Aug 2016