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Janine DeFeo (USA), Paul Zaba (UK), Eleonora Sovrani (IT), Andrea Buran (IT), Nathan Llow, Angus Tarnawsky (USA), Ilya Milstein, curated by Rosemary Willink.

Can we please play the internet?

 Can we please play the internet? is an exhibition of new work by artists from Italy, Australia, the US and the UK who engage with the internet as a ubiquitous presence in projects unfolding both online and in the gallery. Andrea Buran and Eleonora Sovrani…

11th Apr 2014 – 11th May 2014

Back Space

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Just Paintings

Helen Johnson, George Egerton-Warburton and Hamishi Farah

@SWEATYKINGS Sweating is a response to environmental conditions, an opening onto the environment, a release of fear or anxiety, a secreted product of labour. Sweat…

11th Apr 2014 – 10th May 2014

Gallery 1


Tarp West Space/HMS

Henry Jock Walker and Tarpspace

From May 2013 to January 2014 tarpspace and Henry’s Mobile Studio (HMS) journeyed over 20,000km around Australia. Tarpspace is a mobile artist-run initiative, aiming to…

11th Apr 2014 – 11th May 2014

Gallery 3


Alright goodnight

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson’s work often activates a complex and often humorous engagement with the everyday, while often precarious moments and states of impermanence inform a disparate…

11th Apr 2014 – 11th May 2014

Gallery 2


The Qualms

Brigit Ryan and Brodie Vera Wood

The Qualms is the product of the collaboration between Brigit Ryan and Brodie Vera Wood. Ryan and Wood have combined their multi-faceted practices in an…

11th Apr 2014 – 11th May 2014

West Space Projects

West Space Journal


West Space Journal

The West Space Journal is a free art publication published online at regular(ish) quarterly milestone intervals, with contributions from artists, writers, musicians and designers who…

1st May 2013 – 31st Dec 2014



Dialogue and Exchange: International Conversations

West Space presents Dialogue & Exchange: International Conversations, an initiative aimed at bringing key Artistic Directors and curators from dynamic international art organisations to Australia…

15th May 2013 – 30th Apr 2014

Reading Room

MATERIAL No.5 - Merryn Lloyd


In 1998 in Sydney, John NIxon published a weekly one page magazine MATERIAL, commissioning 50 artists to create unique artworks to be placed centrally on…

16th Jan 2014 – 18th Dec 2014

Reading Room



Tully Moore

It's that time that comes around every four years: the fervour builds, a mascot is created and the ideology of sport takes hold. It is…

12th Jun 2014 – 13th Jul 2014