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James Eisen

James Eisen's recent exhibitions include Fin, Utopian slumps, Melbourne, 2014; Elizabeth, Sutton Project Space, Melbourne 2014; Reciprocal Failure, Goodtime Studios Melbourne, 2014; Art Factory Project, Alternative…

13th Nov 2015 – 12th Dec 2015

Gallery 2

Tiger Yaltangki

Ngura Kunpu (Strong Country)

Peter Mungkuri and Tiger Yaltangki

Peter Mungkuri and Tiger Yaltangki harness a gripping presentation of traditional and contemporary painting practice from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands of South Australia.…

13th Nov 2015 – 12th Dec 2015

Front Space & Gallery 1


Factory Fetish

Zanny Begg, Gordon Matta-Clark, Agnes Denes, Sean Dockray, Francesco Finizio, Micah Hesse, Callum Morton, Ishai Shapira Kalter & Anna Witt. Curated by Joshua Simon & Liang Luscombe

Factory Fetish explores the all too usual trend and the uncomfortable proximity between artists’ attraction to underdeveloped urban spaces and their eventual discovery, commercialisation and development by real-estate…

13th Nov 2015 – 12th Dec 2015

Gallery 3


Windjarrameru, The Stealing C*nt$

Karrabing Collective

Windjarrameru, The Stealing C*Nt$ blends Indigenous storytelling with modern worries over environmental degradation and substance abuse in a story about a group of young Indigenous…

13th Nov 2015 – 13th Dec 2015

West Space Projects

West Space Journal


West Space Journal

The West Space Journal is an online platform for criticism and commissions published twice a year. Our contributors are artists, writers, designers and musicians who have…

13th Nov 2015 – 31st Dec 2015



World Food Books at West Space

World Food Books is a book service founded in 2010, in Melbourne, Australia dedicated to presenting a quality selection of international contemporary art journals, monographs and artists’ editions to Melbourne and…

1st Jan 2014 – 31st Dec 2015