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Gallery 2

Angela Brennan 'Meliae' 2015 earthenware

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Glenn Barkley and Angela Brennan

Drawing on works from the Renaissance, such as Heironymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights (1503–1515) and Andrea Mantegna’s Agony in the garden (1457-59) Angela…

12th Feb 2016 – 12th Mar 2016

Front Space & Gallery 1


Is/Is not

Jack Brown, Christo Crocker, Janina Green, Annabelle Kingston, Sanja Pahoki, Aaron Rees, Kiron Robinson, Xanthe Waite, Lydia Wegner, Grace Wood, Justine Varga, curated by Kiron Robinson.

Once the photograph signified that something was somewhere, in front of a camera. It was held up as a proof. Proof that someone took the…

12th Feb 2016 – 12th Mar 2016

Back Space

Bin bend

Exhaustion Builds

Lauren Burrow

the line between wet and the sun home and hubris falling fur and a time code desperate states and disparate territories a bin being waste…

12th Feb 2016 – 12th Mar 2016

Reading Room

Portrait of MCA artist David Capra and his dog Teena. The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia celebrates the launch of artist David Capra’s playful and vibrant 2015 Bella Room Commission, which invites visitors to join in giving Teena the sausage dog a bath. May 25, 2015. Photo by Anna Kucera

Teena’s Bathtime: Eau de Wet Dogge

David Capra

Join David Capra and Teena the Dachshund for the Melbourne launch of Eau De Wet Dogge. This new fragrance celebrates the artist's dog's infamous bath…

12th Feb 2016 – 12th Mar 2016

West Space Projects

West Space Journal


West Space Journal

The West Space Journal is an online platform for criticism and commissions published twice a year. Our contributors are artists, writers, designers and musicians who have…

1st Jan 2014 – 5th May 2016