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The performance of an act by someone who could have done otherwise

Elena Betros

I mean the camera is on, doesn’t that mean we are already performing? Do you think it is performance without the presence of another? And…

5th Sep 2014 – 4th Oct 2014

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Sarah crowEST

SELVEDGE, ORDER, RUPTURE involves a research trip to West Flanders, Belgium to gather flax derived materials from their source – a wondering/wandering with and through the…

5th Sep 2014 – 4th Oct 2014

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六本木クロッシング2013 アウト・オブ・ダウト展

Shelves, Walls and Other Structures

Akira Akira

For his project at West Space, Akira Akira will construct ‘an interior within an interior’ with works based on existing structures such as a clothes…

5th Sep 2014 – 4th Oct 2014

Gallery 3

grant nimmo westspace 2014 dtitdth

Dreams that I’ve thrown down the hall

Grant Nimmo

Softy softy dances the wind through the sky, A gentle dance preformed on the edge of your mind. You know your time here and it…

5th Sep 2014 – 4th Oct 2014

Front Space


PAPER BEATS ROCK: Liquid Architecture / West Space

Liquid Architecture 2014

Our reading group, a place of sociality and discourse. We supply sustenance, materials, and discussion, led by our guests. You supply the encounter. FEATURING: Alessandro…

23rd Sep 2014 – 27th Sep 2014

West Space Projects

West Space Journal


West Space Journal

The West Space Journal is an online platform for criticism and commissions published three times a year. Our contributors are artists, writers, designers and musicians…

1st May 2013 – 31st Dec 2014

Reading Room

MATERIAL No.5 - Merryn Lloyd


In 1998 in Sydney, John NIxon published a weekly one page magazine MATERIAL, commissioning 50 artists to create unique artworks to be placed centrally on…

16th Jan 2014 – 18th Dec 2014



More Talk, Less Action

A series of discussions on experimental music and sound-art

It's time we talked about music...again! After a successful 2013 series, More Talk, Less Action returns in 2014 to explore the issues and taboos relevant to experimental…

7th Aug 2014 – 20th Nov 2014


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The Museum is the Region, the Region is the Museum

Avni Dauti, Lisa Radford and Kim Munro and Sam George, Susan Jacobs, Mikhail Karikis & Uriel Orlow, Kerrie Poliness, Geoff Robinson.

Curated by Danny Lacy, Liang Luscombe and Patrice Sharkey. The Museum is the Region, the Region is the Museum has been envisaged as a way…

7th Sep 2014 – 5th Oct 2014

West Space


Dance Speaks 2014

Dance Speaks is a monthly meet-up for dance artists in Melbourne: sharing critical knowledge, research, methodologies; histories and futures of our dance. Dance Speaks offers a…

8th Sep 2014 – 8th Dec 2014