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Scott Miles

Nothing under the sun

Nothing under the sun is an installation of paintings and sound works within a constructed environment that encourages an immersive, durational and sensory engagement with painting. This work reflects on the condition of the Arctic Circle during winter—a time when the sun stays below the…

1st Aug 2014 – 30th Aug 2014

Reading Room

5. Studio model 1

Transpositions – A Proposition for the 21st century Reading Room

Fleur Summers

This project aims to create an interactive and playful space in West Space’s Reading Room, encouraging both individual scholarship and relational activity. By transforming the…

1st Aug 2014 – 30th Aug 2014

Front Space

Australiana 2


Torie Nimmervol and Arie Rain Glorie

Australiana is a performance artwork by Torie Nimmervoll and Arie Rain Glorie that addresses and investigates Australian colonial history. Occurring over ten days (57 hours in total)…

1st Aug 2014 – 16th Aug 2014

Gallery 2

5. Sean Bailey 'Remains', 2013, synthetic polymer paint and collage on linen board, artist frame, 43 x 33 cm

Marked and Uttering

Sean Bailey

For me the process of painting is an improvised, meditative and intuitive practice, but it also relies on self-created systems and rituals with which to…

1st Aug 2014 – 30th Aug 2014

Gallery 3



Linda Tegg

Choir is video work that focuses on the interplay between ‘real’ and performed behavior, as well as the struggle to find one’s own voice amongst…

1st Aug 2014 – 30th Aug 2014

Back Space

102419 001

Super Panavision

Anna Higgins

Super Panavision was created through thinking about time and space travel, expanded cinema and the experimental possibilities of blending the physical world with it’s reflected image.…

1st Aug 2014 – 30th Aug 2014

West Space Projects

West Space Journal


West Space Journal

The West Space Journal is an online platform for criticism and commissions published three times a year. Our contributors are artists, writers, designers and musicians…

1st May 2013 – 31st Dec 2014

Reading Room

MATERIAL No.5 - Merryn Lloyd


In 1998 in Sydney, John NIxon published a weekly one page magazine MATERIAL, commissioning 50 artists to create unique artworks to be placed centrally on…

16th Jan 2014 – 18th Dec 2014

West Space


Dance Speaks 2014

Dance Speaks is a monthly meet-up for dance artists in Melbourne: sharing critical knowledge, research, methodologies; histories and futures of our dance. Dance Speaks offers a…

21st Jul 2014 – 8th Dec 2014

West Space


More Talk, Less Action

A series of discussions on experimental music and sound-art

It's time we talked about music...again! After a successful 2013 series, More Talk, Less Action returns in 2014 to explore the issues and taboos relevant to experimental…

7th Aug 2014 – 20th Nov 2014