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Gallery 2


He was less invested

Jack Brown

He was less invested presents an installation of photographic and sculptural works. Through formal decisions in the image-making process, the rhetoric of impartiality associated with…

6th May 2016 – 4th Jun 2016

Galley 1 and the Front Space


The Fraud Complex

Abdul Abdullah (NSW), Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (WA), Hany Armanious (NSW), Tully Arnot (NSW), Bindi Cole (VIC), Megan Cope (Quandamooka/VIC), Beth Dillon (NSW), Sara Morawetz (NSW/USA), Técha Noble (NSW/GER), Yoshua Okón (MEX) and Tyza Stewart (QLD), curated by Johnson+Thwaites (NSW).

At a time when self-help books compel us to accept and express ‘our true selves,’ The Fraud Complex showcases the ways in which eleven artists approach…

6th May 2016 – 4th Jun 2016

Back Space

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Katie West

Decolonist is a multisensory installation invoking reflection about the land we occupy as Australians and the nation that inhabits our minds. The process of decolonisation…

6th May 2016 – 4th Jun 2016

West Space Projects