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Before too long

Georgina Criddle

Before too long is a twelve week, site-sensitive exhibition and newsletter that explores duration, materiality and contingency. Sign up to the newsletter> Georgina Criddle is a…

10th Jul 2015 – 26th Sep 2015

Gallery 1


Relaxation Circuit

Pia van Gelder

Relaxation Circuit is an interactive installation which endeavours to reimagine an important early experiment with bio-circuits and the radiant powers of the human body created 70 years…

21st Aug 2015 – 26th Sep 2015

Front Space



Liquid Architecture

Liquid Architecture is proud to present 28 remarkable women over four nights of performances, talks, interactions and more at West Space. All welcome to come, listen,…

21st Aug 2015 – 26th Sep 2015

Gallery 2 & 3

Pebbles, 2015

that which enables and constrains what can and cannot be done or said

Benjamin Woods

In the video clip[1] for the song Alarm Call, Björk and Alexander McQueen present a raft as a surface with which a person experiences a…

21st Aug 2015 – 26th Sep 2015

Front Space


How Choreography Works

Shelley Lasica

How Choreography Works will include archival video of Shelley Lasica’s performance work selected by long time collaborators Deanne Butterworth and Jo Lloyd, and live solo performance(s) of…

2nd Oct 2015 – 7th Nov 2015

West Space Projects

West Space Journal


West Space Journal

The West Space Journal is an online platform for criticism and commissions published twice a year. Our contributors are artists, writers, designers and musicians who have…

2nd Oct 2015 – 31st Dec 2015



World Food Books at West Space

World Food Books is a book service founded in 2010, in Melbourne, Australia dedicated to presenting a quality selection of international contemporary art journals, monographs and artists’ editions to Melbourne and…

1st Jan 2014 – 31st Dec 2015