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Gallery 2


He was less invested

Jack Brown

He was less invested presents an installation of photographic and sculptural works. Through formal decisions in the image-making process, the rhetoric of impartiality associated with…

6th May 2016 – 4th Jun 2016

Galley 1 and the Front Space


The Fraud Complex

Abdul Abdullah (NSW), Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (WA), Hany Armanious (NSW), Tully Arnot (NSW), Bindi Cole (VIC), Megan Cope (Quandamooka/VIC), Beth Dillon (NSW), Sara Morawetz (NSW/USA), Técha Noble (NSW/GER), Yoshua Okón (MEX) and Tyza Stewart (QLD), curated by Johnson+Thwaites (NSW).

At a time when self-help books compel us to accept and express ‘our true selves,’ The Fraud Complex showcases the ways in which eleven artists approach…

6th May 2016 – 4th Jun 2016

Back Space

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Katie West

Decolonist is a multisensory installation invoking reflection about the land we occupy as Australians and the nation that inhabits our minds. The process of decolonisation…

6th May 2016 – 4th Jun 2016

West Space Projects

West Space


PUBLIC LECTURE: Emily Pethick – The Artist As Collaborator

Tuesday 10 May, 6pm

West Space in association with the Institute of Modern Art (IMA) Brisbane and Curatorial Practice at MADA (Monash Art Design and Architecture) are pleased to…

10th May 2016 – 10th May 2016