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Front Space + Gallery 1


Theatrum Orbis Terrarum

Marjolijn Dijkman

Presented as part of the ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2015, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum is an ever-expanding collection of photographs (over 9,000), assembled since 2005, that observe how people…

10th Apr 2015 – 9th May 2015

Gallery 2


My solo with a magpie in it

Miles Howard-Wilks

Miles Howard-Wilks' paintings are often described as having ‘otherworldly’ qualities. They are vibrant, complex land or underwater scenes; multifarious, imaginary places that are teeming with…

10th Apr 2015 – 9th May 2015

Gallery 3


Field (constant light)

Chris Bond & Lynette Smith

Field (constant light) is an open-ended investigation of the way we find meaning in things and events. To ‘find it’, it seems that all you have…

10th Apr 2015 – 9th May 2015

Back Space

13_Noriko Nakamura_cast volcanic rock 2011 (1)

Staring down my hands

Noriko Nakamura

This exhibition is my personal response to my research into the relationship between humans and the natural world, particularly with reference to agriculture. This will…

10th Apr 2015 – 9th May 2015

Gallery 3



Michelle Sakaris

Where most ordinarily human communal practices, habits and behaviours work toward putting us into the 'world', a withdrawal from the world that may be the…

29th May 2015 – 4th Jul 2015

West Space Projects

West Space Journal


West Space Journal

The West Space Journal is an online platform for criticism and commissions published twice a year. Our contributors are artists, writers, designers and musicians who have…

29th May 2015 – 31st Dec 2015



World Food Books at West Space

World Food Books is a book service founded in 2010, in Melbourne, Australia dedicated to presenting a quality selection of international contemporary art journals, monographs and artists’ editions to Melbourne and…

1st Jan 2014 – 31st Dec 2015

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Tom Polo
The Decision Makers (Hands Held High)
acrylic and Flashe on clayboard
36 x 28 cm
Courtesy the artist and STATION, Melbourne

West Space 2015 Annual Fundraiser

West Space is proud to present our 2015 Annual Fundraiser. Originally called A4 Art, the West Space Annual Fundraiser is a curated exhibition that includes artworks…

15th May 2015 – 17th May 2015